Hearing Aids For The First Time | Things You MUST Know!

Dr. Clifford Olson, Audiologist from Anthem Arizona, tells you what to expect when receiving hearing aids for the first time.


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Receiving your first set of hearing aids does not have to be a scary experience. In fact, it should be an exciting experience that leads you to better hearing. Here are the 7 things you should expect when receiving your first set of hearing aids.

1. Expect the Fitting to take around an Hour. Proper fitting and programming takes time.

2. People won’t notice the hearing aids. Likely the only thing they will notice is you hearing them better.

3. Things will sound different. Some of it may be annoying, but will get better.

4. You will hear yourself differently. You likely haven’t heard yourself at the correct level for a long time. It takes your brain time to adjust to the new level of sound.

5. You will probably forget you are wearing hearing aids. Aids are really comfortable.

6. Expect to see your hearing care professional several times. You can’t fit a hearing aid well with only one visit. Make sure you get more than one visit.

7. You should be hearing better with hearing aids. The best way to ensure your hearing aids are programmed correctly is by using Real Ear Measures. To learn about what Real Ear Measures are, watch this video: