Hearing Aid Features To Consider

There are many hearing aid features to consider when purchasing a new hearing aid. 

Some of the most important features include:

Binaural hearing, or hearing with both ears versus one 

Some people choose to purchase a binaural hearing aid which helps them hear noise by using two separate devices, one for each ear. The hearing aid features that can come on these devices can vary and include different programs and settings.

The size of the hearing aid and the power of the hearing aid

The different sizes can vary from behind the ear, in the ear or in the canal. There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from when selecting a hearing aid. A person’s lifestyle will help them determine which style is best for them. 

The power also varies and can range from weak, which is helpful for someone with a mild hearing loss, to very strong, which may be necessary for an individual who has almost any level of hearing loss.

Connectivity with other devices, such as a t-coil

Some hearing aids connect directly to mobile phones and tablets through bluetooth technology

They could also have a telecoil — an induction coil that can pick up magnetic signals and help someone hear better in certain spaces, such as places of worship or theaters.

Feedback cancellation 

When the user hears strange noises with their hearing aid such as squealing or whistling, it is called feedback and this is not good for the hearing aid user. This is when feedback cancellation comes into play and silences any feedback that might be heard through the hearing aids speaker.

Noise reduction 

Noise reduction helps to reduce background noise in certain environments by using special programming methods. Sometimes, a person needs to have their programs changed depending on where they are at in order to help them hear better.

Speech in noise 

This feature enhances certain sounds while reducing other sounds, such as background noise. This helps the user focus on specific sounds, which can improve their ability to understand what someone is saying when there are other noises around them.